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Have you ever wanted to play World of Warcraft but couldn't because you didn't have the money? Well then this server is for you! Blizzard like XP rates. Expansions. Content. All FREE. Best of all. We can make our own guild! Only five people are needed then BAM we got a guild and a party for dungeons. You make think WoW is stupid. (It is if you have to pay for it.) But it is at least worth a try!

Now im a guy who quit WoW for good. (At least on Blizzard servers where i have to pay $15 a month) And I have been playing on different servers to see which one's i feel are the best. And so far this is it! Nothing comes close to how Blizzard like this is!

There is a System on their server where you can invite a friend to join and BOTH you and your friend get a bonus. One is 3x xp if your in the same party and in a 400 yard radius of eachother. Another is the inviter get's astral crystals. Which is a form of currency used to buy Heirlooms.

Heirlooms is basically a armor set the levels up with you and give's you bonus's like boost in xp and Damage. I believe it's 6 Crystals per Heirloom piece.

You can also vote and get crystals. You can only get 2 crystals per day by voting. But if you invite a friend you get 2 just for them using the code you sent them when you invite. You get another 8 when they reach lvl 20. Then you 16 when they reach 40. Then 32 when they reach 85.

This only works ONCE up to lvl 20. Then it can be repeated on DIFFERENT accounts. Not different characters.

For Example: I can invite Kharn. He uses my code when he makes a account then logs in and starts playing the game. I get 2. He then lvl's to lvl 20 and i get more crystals. Then Tazer also get's a invite from me and get's to lvl 20. I dont get anything from tazer doing anything till he hits lvl 40.

Kharn can make 2 characters get to lvl 40. But im only going to get the bonus for 1 character. Same with Tazer. So if Tazer and Kharn get to lvl 40 i will get not 16 but 32 crystals. And if they get to 85 I would get 64 crystals.

Make sense?

But that's not how i want to do it. I want everyone to get a fair share of crystals. I have already invited kharn so I am done with inviting people. So kharn, if he so pleases, can invite tazer. IF tazer joins he can invite koi. Then Koi invite Rezzik. Then Rezzik, Mobius. ECT ECT.

My point being it's a really well done server that is good for newcomers who dont feel like paying for the Blizzard like experience.

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