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Your Favorite Battlefield game

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1Your Favorite Battlefield game Empty Your Favorite Battlefield game on Sat Jun 02, 2012 8:58 am


Mine right now is Battlefield 1942. I had so many great memories of me and my dad fighting hordes of AI and trying to win all the maps. all the time. Battlefield 2 came out and it was just me. My dad wasn't interested. Why? Call of duty 2 came out. And, I will admit, It was a amazing game. Then Battlefield 2142 came out. He bought it. Never played it. I loved it. I thought it was a good squad shooter.

And now im going to be playing a new battlefield. Battlefield 3. I know I have said I would never buy or play the game. But, there is this void that I need to fill. It's called the "Your bullshitting yourself, you dont have a excuse, you just want to try the new battlefield" void.

I know I am asking alot. But I would rather not play this game by myself. It's 20 dollars off right now on Origin so it's 40 dollars. It's a lot for some of you. If not all of you. It's a lot for me and I dont even know if I can get. I will try with all my might to get 40 dollars and buy this before the deal is over. Who will join me? Anyone?

I was hoping we could have our own ASoW Squad that people would actually be threatened by.

Thanks for reading

2Your Favorite Battlefield game Empty Re: Your Favorite Battlefield game on Sun Jun 03, 2012 6:31 pm


Has to be 2142.

I loved BF2, but only casually played it because it was out the time JO was. 2142 was toward the end of JO's prime and I played it a lot, Cyra and I played it all night. Was fun.

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