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Horror in DayZ?

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1Horror in DayZ? Empty Horror in DayZ? on Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:34 am


My question to you guys is this. Do you think a element of Horror (Greater then it is now) should be added to DayZ? I, for one, say YES!

And I have a few idea's to jumble around.

The insanity Theory:
#1 Insanity Meter/Humanity Meter
There should either be a new Insanity Meter, or a revamp of the Humanity meter so when you kill someone your Humanity goes down, or if your using the Insanity meter, The Meter goes up.

#2 Hallucinations
Whenever your Humanity get's to low (Or your Insanity get's to high) you start to see things from going insane. The lowest stage of this would be seeing a figure in the distance for a split second then it goes away. The mid stage of this is the frequency of when you see this figure. A high stage would be it gliding towards you, then within 10 to 20 feet it goes away. And finally the insane stage is when you fully go insane and you constantly see this figure. It's always watching. Never actually coming in contact with you.

#3 Accidents
Whenever you reach the Insane level of being insane. You will start to trip up. Stop for a split second to catch your breath. Tunnel Vision. Accidently firing your gun. falling down when sprinting.

The apparition theory
#1 The location
This figure would only be active at random times at random locations. BUT ALWAYS IN A FOREST. This is to stop players who constantly hide in the forests.

#2 What he would do
This would happen in three stages. Stage 1: The first incident. When you are running through the forest. Your vision darkens slightly and it grows deathly quiet. Stage 2: Amped up. When you again are running through the forest, you may lose a item. If you do. Then Stage 2 has occured. Stage 3: Death. Finnaly if you get to the third and final stage, then it is over. Your vision will darken greatly. It will grow quiet. And then you will be knocked down and if you dont have a teammate to help you. Killed. With a horrifying figure standing over you.

Those are my idea's for the game to make it a little more scary. In my opinion these are extremes but would be fun. Do any of you have any idea's to throw in there?

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