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Battlefield 2 Forgotten Hope 2

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1Battlefield 2 Forgotten Hope 2 Empty Battlefield 2 Forgotten Hope 2 on Fri Aug 10, 2012 11:42 am


Hello everyone it's me again. So there is this mod I have found for Battlefield 2. It is called Forgotten Hope 2. It's a Total conversion mod that turns Battlefield 2 into Battlefield 1942. But with updated graphics (2005 graphics at least) 128 player cap and sprinting.
Now this is where anyone who actually worries about Hard Drive space might need to get a brown baggy. The mod is in fact..... Well it's bigger than the game itself. The game is 3.8 GB in size. The MOD is 4.4 GB in size. So you going to need about 8.2 GB of space in total.

And don't torrent Battlefield 2 it's a amazing game that came out before the corporate corruption of everything. If anything torrent battlefield 3. (Which I admit might be a little hard since the main menu is a bloody website.)

I hope you guy's re-install your battlefield 2 copies if you have them and join me for some fantastic fun.

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