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Hopeful fix for Bad Serial Number

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1Hopeful fix for Bad Serial Number Empty Hopeful fix for Bad Serial Number on Mon Aug 13, 2012 11:19 am


1. Exit Steam
2. Launch Steam as an administrator. You can do this by right-clicking on Steam.exe (located in C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam by default) and then clicking "properties".
3. Run ArmA again

If that doesn't work then try changing the server in which you download games from.(There are plenty to choose from in the steam settings)
And then reinstall.

And another fix
3, Expand Software
4, Expand Wow6432Node
5, Expand Bohemia Interactive Studio Not Bohemia Interactive
6, Click ArmA 2 OA, If you only see 1 file named "(Default)" And type REG_SZ then,
7, Right click the ArmA 2 OA file and go to Permissions
8, Left click YOUR USER, NOT! Users
9, After selecting your user click on Advanced
10, Yet Again click on your username for your pc and click on edit
11, In the drop down menu select This Key and Subkeys
12, You will see allow and deny make sure all allow boxes are ticked then click ok
13, you will be taken back one Dialogue box, Click Apply and OK and the same again on the
next dialogue box.
14, Now you should see 4 files sat in your ArmA 2 OA folder, Names, "(Default)" "Data" "Key" & "main"
15, Now play your game hassle free

And another
Reinstall the games. Create shortcut to arma 2 and arma oa.
Launch Arma 2 in administrater mode. Exit.
Launch Arma 2 OA in Administrater mode. Exit.

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