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Ignore if hate minecraft

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1Ignore if hate minecraft Empty Ignore if hate minecraft on Fri Sep 28, 2012 1:27 am


Gonna post a quick installation guide on how to install my modpack for my server. (If you want to join)

First off you will need Multi MC version 4.

After you have it installed you need to download my modpack. It is not recommended you play this in SSP. Reason being is that a bunch of ores that arn't configged correctly like the smp version are all over the place. ?j1dtxfkzwm0tcdr

Now what your going to do is unzip the Modpack to the desktop. So it should be a pahicraft FOLDER on your desktop. Not ZIP file. Then in MULTIMC you click on import .minecraft folder. And you go to your pahicraft folder and doubleclick .minecraft and click ok. Name it then press ok. Now right click on the icon that just appeared and click on view folder. It should be something like .minecraft, instmods, instance.cfg, modlist. Your going to open up the pahicraft folder on your desktop then drag and drop the instmods, instance.cfg, and modlist into the folder you just opened. So you should be dragging them into multimc/instances/<What ever you named it>. Override all. Then play.

That's it. Join the server and build some stuff!
Server IP is

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