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Still needs LOTS of work

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1Still needs LOTS of work Empty Still needs LOTS of work on Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:24 am


So as the Title Suggests, this game, though awesome in concept, is very poorly optimized. More so than Arma 2. AND THAT is saying something. You will be lucky to run the game on the lowest settings without lagging. You might be saying that this is due to the graphical power to the game. No. The graphics for this game are down right crappy. Beta is beta. The lowest graphics setting is something I would expect from a Wii port. And the highest is something I would expect from a console. Nothing spectacular. Of course that is not what the game is based on anyways. But it is a problem. The whole reason I dont play the Wii is the fact that I get a headache if I play the darn thing for to long.
Now to the gameplay. I will give it a wopping eh? It's O.K. I guess. But as far as it being the next big game. I honestly just dont see it. Maybe when it actually releases outside of beta stage. But if your game actually manages to run. You might be more than a little dissapointed.
Good luck.

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